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Exploring your inner reality
Meditation course

Life is full of challenges. These challenges are not to reach to the moon or to climb to the peak of the Mount Everest. These challenges are not outside, they are within ourselves. How can I be happy? How can I be contented? How can I come up from my misery mind? How can I be free from my negative emotions like anger, sadness, jealousy? And how I can live a stress-free and healthy life? These are challenges in the life. ­­How to transform them? This is a bigger challenge than reaching to the moon or to Mount Everest. If we are not free from our negative emotions or not stress free, we can have all successes like career, money, properties but we will remain shallow, empty, and discontented in our life.  Meditation helps to transform all negative emotions like anger, jealousy into love. Meditation helps to live a stress-free life. Life becomes peaceful, beautiful, graceful, and meaningful.

We assist various meditation techniques. Each class starts with an explanation of the technique, then one hour of meditation. After meditation there is time for sharing experiences and asking questions about meditation.



Growing in Love
Meditation course


This is a short, intensive meditation course. In these three lessons we will focus on how meditation can help us in our friendships and relationships. We will do meditations and meditation exercises which will make us more silent and aware. When we have a deeper connection with ourselves, it will help us to deepen and enrich our friendships. In stead of becoming entangled in emotions like anger, jealousy, and wanting to change the other person, meditation will help us to accept ourselves and the other, to be yourself, to feel free in the relationship and to understand each other.



To be non-judgemental
Meditation course

We always find ourself judging. This judging mind never lets us to encounter the life or never let us to be spontaneous. It makes us always prejudiced. It blocks to us about the experience to confront or to encounter. We miss the real experience. We listen that what our mind is bringing the information. In a way we become absent to the experience. So we are not in the present, we are not open or receptive.
So how we can be present and not to miss the real experience of the life, that always gives to us contentment? How we can relate to the other without judging? In this little, intense course you will get the glimpse to be non-judgmental. You will learn a few techniques of meditation and exercises. That will make you more alert about your superficial centre and your deeper centre. You will experience just to be with yourself.



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