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Our activities in your location?
If you want to invite us to give workshops or courses in your company or organization, please contact us. There are a lot of possibilities.
Massage at work


Massage at work benefits both the employee and the company!

Of coarse you are taking well care of your employees and you are aware of their value for the company.

Massage at work is a wonderful way to show you care. Your employees will feel relaxed, but also energetic and alert after a massage!

Scientific research shows the benefit of regular massage on health and wellbeing; it enhances concentration, and reduces mistakes. Also employees are more present at work, there is less absence, and you will save costs. So that's a good secondary employment condition.

There are many possibilities, for instance:

- regular massage for the employees, for instance weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

- massage vouchers as Christmas presents

- lustrum celebration massages

- birthday celebrations massages

- secretary day celebrations massages

- massage present when extra busy times are coming or to keep your employees extra motivated when they are in the middle of busy times

- massage present when deadlines are met/ goals are achieved

- massages at your congress, fair or conference

- etc.

Under certain conditions the massages at work are deductible from the taxes.

Courses at your location

Bharat gives meditation lessons at the VU University.

He also gives meditation courses onsite, like in the RAI. The courses can be adjusted to the group, for instance  Growing in Love, Exploring your inner reality, To be non-judgemental.

He also likes to be a guest teacher.

Yvonne gives several massage workshops at the VU University.

She also give massages workshops onsite, like at the tennis club TeniSTA, at the International Federation of Medical Students Association and the Co-Raad society for coassistants and master students of the VU University Medical Center.

Would you also like to organise a workshop in your organisation? Please contact us. The courses and workshops can be adjusted to your group.


Bharat also likes to be guest teacher in courses in the field of health care, handling emotions etc.


He likes to give advice and guidance to individual people who will like to deepen their meditation.

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