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Get the most out of your Groupon appointment


Thanks for booking via Groupon

We are happy to offer you a nice way to get to know us, to experience our way of working, and to know what we can mean for your health and awareness.
We feel it is a  great opportunity for us to get to know you and to give you an indication what we can do for you to become more aware and healthy.

Some tips for your preparation:
  1. You will get a confirmation from our Y&D group agenda, usually within 2 working days after booking through Groupon. Without confirmation, your Groupon booking probably didn't reach to us. Please check with us.

  2. Prepare your trip: Make sure you are coming at the right day, right time to the right branch (Haarlem or Utrecht); please prepare your travel to us, and if you come by car, look on our website where to park.

  3. Absence: If for any reason you are not able to come, please let us know directly and immediately, not only Groupon but also to our email It is important for us, because we keep the time free for you. If you are not coming without letting us know in time, unfortunately we will charge the normal fees to you.

  4. Already make a screenshot of the QR code of your voucher. Many people have some difficulty to find the QR-code, so that is nice to do in advance. To find the QR-code, it needs logging into your Groupon account and in the information is a button "waardebon bekijken" or something similar. Don't get confused when the app is saying "already used", it means the appointment is made.

  5. You will get an offer for continuation of the treatment. You can already be clear about your budget and bring your agenda. Maybe you will like to be aware already if your health insurance (additional packet) is covering alternative medicine. A list is on our website

  6. The groupon offer is one per person. If you like to forward other people to us, you can let us know. Sometimes it is more beneficial to book directly with us. And we sell also gift vouchers.

Thanks for your cooperation. We are looking forward to meeting you and hope this first session is the beginning of a beautiful healing journey.

For all messages and questions, you can reach out through email ( or whatsapp (see button on the website).

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