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For a few parts of the week our center in Haarlem is available for subletting.

Price for weekly rental:

1 part of the day (08.00-12.00, 13.00-1700, 18.00-22.00 uur): 50,- euro per week

2 parts of the day (08.00-17.00 of 13.00-22.00 uur): 90,- euro per week

3 parts of the day (08.00-22.00 uur): 120,- euro per week.

ca. 51 m2 on the ground floor.

including massage table, desk, waiting room, kitchen (with fridge, coffee machine, water boiler, induction cooker), toilet, 2 room dividers, music system. Everything what is there is for use for the tenant.

Suitable for individual sessions and small groups upto 5 or 6 people.

Our center is situated in the city center of Haarlem. It is well reachable by public transport.


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