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Foods That Heal The Liver

In today’s world everyone has to take good care of their liver. We live in a world that has toxins everywhere. The main troublemakers for the liver are different toxins, pollutants, and pathogens like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, prescription drugs, aluminium, lead, copper, mercury, viruses, bacteria and more.


It is really important to learn how to protect and support this amazing organ. Even if you don’t have any symptoms and conditions right now, the liver plays a fundamental and critical role

in your health and in what your health will look like in 20 years.


The liver works so hard to keep us alive and in order to keep looking after your health it is very important to know the right foods to cleanse, detoxify and heal your liver.

What your liver needs to be healthy is oxygen, water, sugar and mineral salts. These elements, along with nutrients from fruits and vegetables, are what the organ craves.


Apples provide an active living water that hydrates the liver and supports the liver’s ability to hydrate your body. Apples also starve bacteria, yeast and mold out of the intestinal tract and liver. In doing so they keep sludge out of the gallbladder. Apples can also dissolve gallstones. Eat one to three apples a day (or more) if you can. 


Artichokes contain phytochemical compounds that inhibit the development of tumors and cysts in the liver. Artichokes also contain many chemical functions that help the liver neutralize toxins before they get to the brain or heart. They help the liver screen and filter your blood. 


Asparagus is high in flavonoids and powerful anti-inflammatory compounds—they’re like a natural aspirin. They also expel and dislodge fat cells and other poisons. Asparagus cleanses, detoxifies and soothes the liver.


Bananas are antibacterial, anti-yeast, antifungal foods. The fructose in bananas provides a quick fuel for the liver—it’s one of the organ’s favorite food sources. Bananas also sooth the lining of the intestinal tract. 


Berries are a rich medicine for the liver. Your liver contains a type of cell known as Kupffer cells, and wild blueberries especially contain the kinds of antioxidants those kuppfer cells need. Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are all powerful healing foods for your liver.


Brussels sprouts are an ultimate liver cleansing food. You can eat them raw, steam them or even juice them. Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables have a special sulfur that expels poisons and pathogens from your liver. 

Celery contains undiscovered subgroups of sodium that I call cluster salts. These cluster salts protect liver cell membranes. They strip the cells of viruses down and bind onto free floating poisons. Drinking sixteen ounces of pure celery juice with nothing added on an empty stomach every morning is a powerful way to cleanse your liver. 


Cilantro (coriander leaves) binds onto heavy metals so you can safely eliminate them from your liver and body. Cilantro also contains phytochemical compounds that cling to other troublemakers, such as neurotoxins and dermatoxins, which end up in our livers. Cilantro is another liver cleanser. 

Cranberries do many jobs for the liver. They cleanse the deep parts of the liver. The harsh fruit acid in cranberries kills pathogens. They also have a tremendous amount of vitamin C that steps the oxidation of cells.

Cucumbers are an ally for the liver. They provide a hydrating liver water just like apples. Cucumbers also cleanse the liver. 

Dandelion greens trigger a squeezing action in the liver that helps it release toxins.

Lemons and limes improve hydrochloric acid (HCL) production in the stomach. They also cleanse fatty livers and help dissolve gallstones. 

Melons are an incredibly powerful cleansing food that also have the ability to hydrate the liver. It’s ideal to have melons early in the day and not after eating something heavy. 


Oranges and tangerines provide a wealth of calcium and vitamin C that the liver can use since it’s combined with the glucose in the fruit. 


Peaches remove old deep-seated poisons, debris and putrefied food in your small intestinal tract, which helps your liver get better.

Pitaya, which is also called dragon fruit, is a liver rejuvenator. It cleanses poisons from the organ. You can often find this red-fleshed food in the freezer department. 

Raw honey contains a combination of the sugars that the liver needs along with the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that restore the liver. 

Spinach has mineral salts and nutrients that help the liver. It also helps the liver receive vitamin B12 better. 

Tomatoes harness critical phytochemicals, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that support the liver. The fruit acid in a tomato also helps the gallbladder eliminate some of the sludge that can sit in the bottom of the gallbladder. They also dissolve gallstones. 

Wild blueberries have pigments that reverse damage to the liver. 

When we are empowered with the right information we can take the right steps to look after our liver and lead a healthier life.

If you need support with finding a way to apply healing foods in your life or need support in figuring out how to implement cleansing protocols, please reach out to me. I offer 20 mins free discovery calls where we can have a chat and see how I can help you.

My Holistic Nutrition Health Coaching is for you if you are seeking guidance to reduce your symptoms and truly heal, if you wish to gain insight into your health issues and are yearning for a better quality of life.

Working with clients, I use my knowledge from my studies at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the information of  Medical Medium® and I also draw upon my experience of being a Holistic Therapist for over twenty seven years, as well as my own personal experience healing myself from chronic illness to bring you the information you need to move forward with your health and live a optimum life.  

I will be happy to support you.

Carolina Sanchotene

20 minutes introduction call for free

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