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Lifestyle advice
Take your health in your hands
Lifestyle advice is always part of the treatment. There are many things which you can do to improve your health, your feeling of wellbeing, your energy level.
Eating and drinking
"you are what you eat" is a well known saying. Our food contains our building blocks. So obviously it is important to take care.
Your lifestyle is influencing your energy level and health in many different ways. Our life should be balanced. A simple guideline to start with is: if you have physically heavy work, then relaxing movement and rest is needed after work. If you have a sitting job, you will have to find time to move your body.  
As the outbreath follows the inbreath, so rest should follow activity and holiday should follow a year of hard working. During a good rest, the body recovers, builds up its tissues, replenishes your energy.Like in the winter nature is collecting energy in the roots and seeds and prepares for the energy boost which is needed in spring.
Protection and prevention
Many things outside us require a lot of energy. Like the weather can be very demanding and energy consuming. Advice about protection and prevention makes more energy available for our recovery and health. 
People who like to do meditation, can participate in the meditation courses of Bharat, or connect with him for individual guidance.
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