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FOLLOW UP Holistic Nutrition

FOLLOW UP Holistic Nutrition Health Coaching - ONLINE in English

  • 45 minuten
  • 70 euro

Beschrijving van de dienst

We will work together towards a healthier lifestyle as well as work on your mindset and inner world towards harmony and balance. You will receive a comprehensive personalised healing plan including foods, baseline herbs and supplements and safe detoxification methods. Everything is provided for you to incorporate into your daily life step-by-step. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different information floating around about health, wellness, and healing, my wish is to empower you with the information you need to find balance and wholeness back into your life. My Holistic Nutrition Health Coaching is for you if you are seeking guidance to reduce your symptoms and truly heal, if you wish to gain insight into your health issues and are yearning for a better quality of life. Working with clients, I use my knowledge from my studies at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the information of Medical Medium® and I also draw upon my experience of being a Holistic Therapist for over twenty seven years, as well as my own personal experience healing myself from chronic illness to bring you the information you need to move forward with your health and live a optimum life. “ Cleansing gives us back years of our life- years we don’t even know we’ve already lost and don’t realize we can gain back. This is your chance. Take it.” -Anthony William, Medical Medium 75 minutes initial session For new clients who want to start out on their health transformation journey. In this 75-minute consultation you will learn about the root causes of your symptoms or illness and how best to move forward with a personalised healing plan and easy-to-implement lifestyle modifications to get you started on your journey back to health. 45 minutes follow up session For existing clients who want to follow up on their health transformation journey. During this session we discuss your progress and any changes that have occurred for you. Based on that, we will create an updated healing plan. Please fill in the booking form: and Carolina will connect with you to make an appointment.


Annuleringen graag per email naar doorgeven. Bij annulering binnen 24 uur kunnen kosten in rekening worden gebracht. Weet je zelf iemand die jouw plekje zou willen innemen? Dat wordt altijd op prijs gesteld. Graag even een berichtje met naam, telefoonnummer en email van degene die in jouw plaats komt. Je kunt voor jezelf een nieuwe afspraak inplannen of cursus boeken via de website


+ 0644868687

Nassaulaan 39, 2011 PB Haarlem, Netherlands

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