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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is an ancient wisdom for the problems of today. Chinese medicine originated thousands of years ago when mystics (wise people) understood how nature, climate, emotions, constitution, food and lifestyle influence our health and wellbeing.  

Chinese medicine gives us tools to recover from diseases, to build up our inner strength, to maintain health and to show us how we can use the energies of nature for our health and wellbeing. Then we feel we are "going with the flow", and we feel supported by existence.

Acupuncture treatment

In our body everything is connected with everything; blood, lymphe, energy, hormones, nutrients, waste material, information, warmth, sensory impressions, everything is well coordinated, efficient and being spread through our body in a very advanced manner.


I see our energy pathways (meridians) as highway networks: our energy flows in certain pathways through the body and - if everything goes smoothly - then there is no que or blockage on the highways. This highway network is our "subtle body".

But due to inner or outer influences, the energy gets stagnated or used up, and that limits us and results in physical or emotional complaints after a while. The "subtle body" (the energy) influences the physical body and our emotions.

With acupuncture we can help this subtle body. The needles are very thin and flexible, and usually not painful at all. The acupuncturist will choose which points to needle, based on your specific situation. Every acupuncture point has specific functions in the body.

The acupuncture treatment influences the subtle body, and that has effects on the physical body.

Sometimes other techniques are used, like moxa and cupping.

Usually you will get some advice about simple but very effective lifestyle changes which support the treatment.

Acupuncture is acknowledged as Unesco World Heritage.

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