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How to


your health?

HEALTH is more than the absence of disease. It is not an absence, it is not something missing.
Instead, something else is present: your whole being is present, open, receptive, flexible, creative, accepting, in balance, loving. When our life energy can flow freely, it is like a river that nourishes, cleanses and inspires our daily life. Then we feel healthy, energetic, free, warm, open, whole, connected.
When the energy cannot flow freely, when it is blocked or insufficient, pain or other complaints develop.
Understanding and awareness will help to transform the root cause of your illness, stress, emotions or unhappiness. For this, meditation is the way.

CHINESE MEDICINE is a natural way to unblock, balance and nourish our life energy. Thousands of years ago the mystics understood the human being and the influences of nature. They developed a way to become aware of the underlying energy patterns and how we can heal in a totally natural way. In this way, not only the symptoms disappear, but also our general wellbeing improves and we prevent the development of new imbalances in our energy.

We can choose every second to grow, to take responsibility for our own life, our own health. Every step we take to be more healthy, changes the rest of our life, with more health, enjoyment and contentment.

Sessions of acupuncture or Shiatsu can be combined with Chinese herbs and lifestyle advice.

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During the intake we will talk about your current health situation and I will ask many questions about your disease, but also about some general topics like your energy level, your appetite, sleep etc. I will like to know which medicines you are taking and what treatments you are getting.

I will feel your pulse (left and right) and ask to show your tongue.

We will make a treatment plan and make appointments for the sessions.

Treatment can be with Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Chinese herbs and lifestyle advice.

If you like to work deeply and thoroughly on the root causes of your problems, you can participate in the meditation courses or connect with Bharat for individual guidelines.

The intake costs normally 15,00 euro but this month it is temporarily FOR FREE.

Please bring your agenda, a list of the medicines that you are taking, and if you like to check your insurance then please let me know which insurance company and also which additional insurance packet you have. This is NOT mentioned on your insurance card. Only FBTO has the possibility to switch the additional packet on during the year. All other insurances have the possibility to take a higher packet until end of JANUARY.

Covered by most insurances

Most additional health insurances cover the costs of Acupuncture treatments and Shiatsu massage therapy. This does NOT influence your own risk ("eigen risico").

Yvonne Lustig is registered in the professional association LVNT, the Landelijke Vereniging van Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten (National Society of Natural Healthcare Therapists).

If you like to check your insurance you can press the button below.

Helps the energies to flow smoothly.
A traditional, unique way to balance your energies and give specific influence to your energysystem.
Shiatsu massage
Connect with your body and feel the balance
Slow, deep pressure on the acupuncture points and meridians brings you in touch with your body and creates a deep relaxation which gives healing and vitality.
Chinese medicinal herbs
Natural treatment for various problems
These purely natural Chinese herbs help the body function properly.
Lifestyle advice
Take your health in your hands

For free in combination with sessions (acupuncture, shiatsu massage and/or Chinese medicinal herbs)

Lifestyle advice is always part of the treatment. There are many things which you can do to improve your health, your feeling of wellbeing, your energy level.
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