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Bharat Bhushan Dhingra

Meditation Teacher

Bharat was born in India. He completed jis education in post graduate in Commerce with teaching diploma in Commerce.

He started meditating when he was 18 years old. He went through so many meditation techniques. Many years he lived in meditation centers in India, and also had his own meditation center in India. He worked on himself so many years.  Humankind is very valuable. He loves to share how one can be contented in his life. Life is just a challenge in itself. This is an opportunity just not to miss it in mundane things.
He is director of a meditation center in Haarlem and Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Since 2006 he lives in The Netherlands and has his own meditation center where he gives lessons and teacher training.
He leads meditation courses in the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and several other places since 2007.

Life is full of challenges. These challenges are not to reach to the moon or to climb to the peak of the Mount Everest. These challenges are not outside, they are within ourselves. How can I be happy? How can I be contented? How can I come up from my misery mind? How can I be free from my negative emotions like anger, sadness, jealousy? And how I can live a stress-free and healthy life? These are  real challenges in the life. ­­How to transform them? This is a bigger challenge than reaching to the moon or to Mount Everest. - Bharat Bhushan Dhingra -

Yvonne Lustig

Acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, 

Shiatsu massage therapist, Chair masseur

I am a qualified Chinese herbalist (diplom 2013), acupuncturist (2009), Shiatsu massage therapist (2002), chair masseur (2002), Thai masseur (Thailand, 1997) and occupational therapist (Higher vocational education,1986, Bachelor in Science).

Covered by your insurance

I am affiliated with the professional association VNT (Vereniging van Natuurgenees-kundig Therapeuten, which means Association of Naturopathic Therapists).

Acupuncture treatments and Shiatsu massage therapy are often covered by your additional health insurance. This does NOT effect your "own contribution" (eigen risico).

If you want to check whether your insurance covers the treatments, please click here.


I give several massage workshops at the University (VU) Griffioen. Also I give massage workshops at other locations, like the International Federation of Medical Students Association, the Co-Raad vereniging voor coassistenten en masterstudenten van het VU Medisch Centrum, en the tennis club TeniSTA.

Would you also like a workshop in your organisation? Please connect with me. The workshops can be completely accustomed to your group.


I traveled a lot in Asia and I worked as a tourleader, especially in China, Tibet, India, Nepal and Mongolia.
I worked seven years at the Nederlandse Stichting voor Tibetaanse Geneeskunde (NSTG, Dutch Foundation for Tibetan Medicine).

Since 2000 I give massages, and acupuncture since 2009. I gave chair massages in many company and at events.

I give several massage workshops, for instance in the VU University since 2007.


Bharat: 06 - 29 58 66 30

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Yvonne: 06 - 44 86 86 87

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